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e-Schoolz started ventured in creating Software soultions for Education Segments (Schools/Colleges and Universites).e-Schoolz Founded in the year 2013 We are a company focused on building scalable solutions addressing simple needs of schools and colleges in India. e-Schoolz started full fledged operations with its flagship product called eschoolserp.Learn More http://eschoolserp.com

e-Schoolz now started a new avenue called Online GST Compilance Accounting Software for Small Medium and Large Business. like Retailers,Wholesalers & Manufacturers

e-Schoolz is an Online GST Ready Accounting S/W,that lets you create Estimates&invoices ,Tracking Sales and cash flow ,Managing your customers and suppliers,Monitoring your tax making tax reports much easier, Track Inventory and Generate Reports.

e-schoolz being a online cloud solution, there's no need to install any software. You access e-schoolz Online straight from your internet browser on any computer or web enabled device anywhere, anytime.

e-Schoolz is here to align your business by automating from Complexity to Simplicity

How it Works?

  • Organizing Everything in one place
  • Record your purchases and track payments
  • Record your Sales and track customer payments
  • Keep track of money you spend
  • Understaing your company's performance and See how much money you are earning
  • You are able to send documents to your auditors by just clicking of a button.

Our Services

Expert Coder

We have HTML,CSS,PHP,Java Script,JQuery and MySQL experts for building SW applications & Tech Support

Creative Designer

We have Graphics designers for building Customizable Websites and any graphic works

SEO Optimization

We do Search Engine Optimization(google listing) for your business

GST Ready Online Accounting S/W

We provide end to end solutions for the retailers,wholesallers,Manufactures. From Estimates to Sales. Learn more Features

Other Services

School/College Management Software - We offer comprehensive school software solution for all your daily school/college needs. Learn more http://eschoolserp.com

24/7 Support

We give Unlimited Support

FAQ Questions?

e-Schoolz Online works on your PC, Mac, tablets and Smart phones and supports latest Google Chrome browser or Safari for Mac and firefox
note: e-schoolz works best with a fast broadband Internet connection.

Right now e-schoolz does not have payment gateway feature, but in future we are going to integrate payment gateway to receive payments and make payments online.
Currently we receive subscriptions payments through bank deposit/neft.

No,We do product as a service,hence we support only online. One of the benefits of cloud based(online) software is that you're always on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won't affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you'll receive a notification via email or sms.
If you need to buy a product we will make our service as product, which will work offline. The Product pricing(offline) will be higher than Service(online).

No, We don't expect you to be an accounting expert. That’s why e-Schoolz helps keep everything organized in one place.

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e-schoolz Manage inventory levels both stock inward and outward, low stock alerts , stock adjustments.

 Increase the sales

Expand your business online with our multi-channel inventory management system

 Manage Orders

Manage your orders with our efficient Purchase Order Management System. Also, you can create purchase orders, & shipments in a 2 way inventory management applications.Like Product Inward and Product Outward

 End to End Inventory Tracking

adding stock and adjusting stock. This way you can keep track of your items movement under control.

 Warehouse Management

Keep track of stock transfers (inter-warehouse) and genearte location wise stock units


A purchase order (PO) is a document you can send to a vendor/supplier. It states your intent to purchase products from them and defines the details of the purchase, such as quantities and prices. If they accept your PO, it means you have an agreement with them to receive those products under the terms given in the PO.

 Record Approved PO to GRN

e-schoolz Records Goods Received Note against Purchase Order Bills and verifies whether the quantity orded agisnt PO and records only the exact quantities received goods and make the payments of that.

 Manage Vendor Payments

If you are making a partial payment, you can add part of a purchase order to a transaction, and link multiple transactions to a single purchase order.

 Run Purchase Order Reports

e-Schoolz generates no of reports that will help you with your Purchase Orders.


Expense is an online expense recording software, tailor-made for your businesses to automate day to day expenses & generates reports.

 Record and send expenses on the go

Record expenses wherever you are and submit a complete report using your smartphone or Tablet

 Billable Expenses

Record expenses as billable. Billable expenses are tax based expenses that you purchased items from your vendor. Tax column will be enabled for only billable expenses.

 View Expense Transactions

you can quickly see the payee of any transaction from the expense report. Export the expense report in an excel sheet and you can print reports


Invoice is an online GST invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices, automatically send payment reminders and track payments receipts from your customer.


Give your customers a rough overview of prices, discounts and more by generating detailed estimates. Get estimates approved and Convert to Sales Order or directly convert to invoice in a click

 Sales Order

The Sales Order is a confirmation document sent to the customers before delivering the Products. Sales Order(SO) can be converted from approved estimate accepted by your customer and send the SO to your customer for further processing.

 Efficeient Invoices

Create and send professional invoices in minutes to impress your customers and get paid faster.Invoices of 2 types Credit Invoice and Cash memo. Credit Invoices will have workflow whereas Cash memo doesn't.

 Run Sales Reports & Track Payments Receipts

Generate Sales Reports,Customer Receiables and track your customer Payments Receipts efficeiently

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